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New TECH Carlo Rista water-based nail Lacquer --- Health choice and manicure at home

New TECH Carlo Rista water-based nail Lacquer --- Health choice and manicure at home

Hands are important as our face. A delicate woman not only care about her face, but also her own hands. Going to the nail shop is time-consuming and expensive, we should enjoy the process of nail art by ourselves. If you want to change your nails with a variety of good-looking colours safely and conveniently, you can choose water-based nail polish.


What’s water-based nail lacquer?


Carlo Rista water-based nail lacquer is a scientific product, based on water, light in texture but evenly coloured.


Before the nail polish is dry, it can be cleaned with water. After drying, it will form a layer of water film and attached to the nail surface. The most attractive point is that you can simply peel it off when you want remove the nail polish.


It will not damage the surface of nails after being wiped off and naturally detached. Carlo Rista water-based nail polish does not have the strong corrosion of chemicals, so it does not enter the human body.


What’s different between water-based nail lacquer and oil-based nail polish?


The formula of solvents used for the two types of nail polish are different.

General nail polish is actually similar to paint. It dissolves the active ingredient in the solvent. After the application, the solvent evaporates and the remaining components form a chemical film attached to the nail surface.


Carlo Rista water-based nail polish is naturally taken water as a solvent, but the general nail polish is an chemical solvent such as ethyl acetate.


The benefits of using water as a solvent are obvious. Water is mild, non-irritating, and relatively healthy.

So what is the problem with water as a solvent? Naturally, the water resistance is not good, and it is easy to fall when it hits the water.While Carlo Rista has special water-proof formula to fix the problem. And that’s the reason why Carlo Rista water-based nail lacquer is longer lasting than other water-based nail polish.


How to identify water-based nail polish and general nail polish?


The real healthy water-based nail polish can be easily discerned by foam board and smell.


After dropping nail polish on the foam board, observing whether the foam board is eroded, smelling the smell after dripping. The safe and healthy water-based nail polish will not erode foam board and it is odourless.


While the general nail polish corrodes foam board and have pungent smell.




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